The Sisters


Yep, it’s an acronym.

ranselfHey y’all. It’s Randall. Growing up with a “boy’s” name is weird. I’m sitting here eating a piece of cookie dough in a unicorn onesie. That’s all you really need to know about me, but like Shrek, I have layers. On the outside, I am a 26-year-old wife, successful hairdresser, and Jesus lover. On the inside, I am anywhere between 4 and 12 (depends on the day), emotionally on a roller coaster, madly in love with God, and desperate for more than an empty “how are you?” Currently, I live in a rural small town in PA with my hubs where we dream of moving back home to the south and having like 5 dogs and 10 kids. Words make more sense to me when sung, and I prefer to sing them. You can catch my performance every other morning around 8am right outside my bathroom window. When I’m not in the salon, I love to explore my little town, spend time with my family, and watch YouTube. So as I sit here and tell you about myself, I am hoping that Letters to a Sister will encourage you, leave you full of joy, and remind you that you were made to be fearless. You are loved, girl. Go live like it.



ashselfHey ladies!  My name is Ashley and I absolutely love my sisters in this blog.  I always grew up wanting sisters and never had them, but I feel like God has given me what I’ve longed for in the form of these wonderful friends.  I am a single (holla at me if you’re also the only one in your sista group. Ha!) twenty something who lives down the street from the beach with Mr. Nibbs, the beloved rabbit.  I don’t like the summertime or long walks on the beach, in case you were wondering.  I work at a homeless shelter for women and children and also as an attendant for the coolest 13-year-old I’ve ever met.  I feel incredibly blessed by the opportunity to work with people.  And ya’ll, I just love Jesus.  As with all people, I don’t always follow Him like I should but I am so grateful that He is such a forgiving and gracious God.  He’s saved me out of so many messes I’ve gotten myself into, for real.  My desire in life is to love and serve and show mercy just as I’ve been shown mercy.  I’m a work in progress that will never be completed until the day I stand face to face with my Savior.  I don’t come at you from a place of having life together and all figured out, but from a place of wanting to walk alongside you; to develop friendships from all over and a sisterhood of broken yet beautiful women who are just trying to figure out this thing called life.




Welcome to RARK! Sisterhood of all things adventure, goofiness, and faith. My name is Rochelle and I live at the Beach on the East coast, have a dog (Camo) and a cat (Swag), and am married to a beautiful chocolate man. Speaking of, I absolutely love chocolate. I also love Jesus, friends, longboarding, working out, reading, and I guess I’ll have to add blogging to the list. I love to sing. I love bonfires. If you give me a s’more I will be your friend for life. I hate bugs, love coffee, movies, and being a blessing to someone makes me really happy. I love the awesome nerds on here, we were friends when Nickelodeon cartoons were cool. I have a useless talent of quoting movies and doing impressions, and I believe that tis all. I’ll catch up witcha later!



kjselfWord G-man, my name is KayJ. Don’t ask me what that stands for because only my top 8 on MySpace know that. 😉 But I can tell you that I am a twenty-something year old female with a love for puppies, Jesus and friendship. Not necessarily in that order. I wanted to start a blog so that I could create a place where my God-given wisdom can run wild and people can actually benefit from it. I enjoy being an open book for other people to learn from. I also like making people laugh. When I have to give a speech I make sure to tell at least 5 people that they have to laugh loudly at all my jokes, even if they’re not funny. Can’t apologize for trying.
To be honest, I don’t make friends that easily so usually when I find someone that for some reason enjoys my company, I stick to them like glue and they have little say in the matter. My friends and co-creators of this blog are living proof that this is true. Our friendship began with lots of awkward moments, belly busting laughter and authenticity. Our hope is that it spills out into the world wide web and shines like a beacon of hope. I am really so blessed to call them friends and will cherish them for the rest of my days; if they let me. I encourage you to find your own sisterhood and love the socks off of them.