To all my sisters:

This blog is for you. We want this to be a place of encouragement and Truth. When you are faced with a decision, or a heartache, or a season of life that leaves you feeling disappointed and not enough, you can come here.

We promise to be real. We promise to be vulnerable and share with you the things that truly matter in life; things of the heart. We will tell you about our weak moments and expose our failures. Nothing is off-limits! And we also want to laugh with you! This world is so serious, so we want to lighten the mood and share a good belly laugh together.

The co-creators of LTAS have such a unique and special friendship because it has morphed into a sisterhood over time. Our bond of faith in Christ has made us a family. Our hope is that the same thing will happen to the community of women that this blog reaches. You are welcome here.

We are so excited to extend our friendship and encouragement to any sister who needs it. If you would like to reach out to us for any reason, contact us here. Check out our About Me page to get to know us a little better. In the meantime, read, comment, and share life with us!

Xoxo xoxo much love,
The Sisterhood of RARK